Kids summer jobs for 14 year olds

Getting a cool summer job that will make you earn some money and yet leave enough time for you to hand out with friends and have fun which is all what summer is about can be interesting yet it can also be demanding. If you are looking for some nice summer jobs for 14 year olds here are some suggestions that might just be ideal for you.

Summer jobs for 14 year olds

Waiter/Waitress as a summer job for 14 year olds

Among the most popular summer jobs for 14 year olds are for them to work as a waiter or waitress. Many of the adults would wonder why. Well, the answer is quite simple. Being a waiter or a waitress during the summer can be very cool especially if you live somewhere where there are beaches and cafes on beaches – you can actually work, make some good money and enjoy the tips while you are at the same time hanging out with your friends whom you can also join in having fun while you are on a break. However, be careful! This job asks for good math skills as well as some good organizational skills as well. You will also have to be very skilled for the job. If you do not manage to find a job as a waiter or waitress, but you would still like to be on a beach with your friends you could work on one of the many stands that are there to sell cold drinks, ice cream and sweets or even soothing salty like chips.

Summer jobs

Babysitting as a summer job for 14 year olds

If you would really like to stay somewhere close to your home but still be able to earn some money that would make your summer even better as you’d be able to go out with friends, to go to the cinema as much as you want and you won’t be feeling bad because you’re taking your parents’ money. Then among the ideal summer jobs for 14 year olds for you would be babysitting. This job, however, requires you to love children and to enjoy them and to enjoy playing with them…In addition, you will have plenty of time to read or watch a movie while the kids are taking a nap so you could also have some quality time for yourself and enjoy your work. Also, you might be able to learn how to take care of children and you will most definitely learn some responsibility as well. One of the summer jobs for 14 year olds from you can learn a lot.

Other summer jobs for 14 year olds

Among other popular summer jobs for 14 year olds are those that are related to part time working in shopping malls and stores. In addition, you could also find a job as a delivery for some restaurants. There are all well paid jobs that will definitely teach you the responsibility and hard work.